Talent Retention and Recruiting: Pure Appreciation

Attracting and retaining top talent is important to every successful company.

Providing dedicated Manager Check-Ups and effective preventative care to employees is an excellent incentive, and conveys your esteem for your most valuable employees.

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Manager Check-ups

What is
a Manager Check-Up?

Today’s managers and leaders are subject to an extraordinary workload. This can lead to health risks due to stress and irregular working hours, lack of restful sleep that can cause high blood pressure, obesity, and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke, and even elevated risk connected to COVID-19 and other emerging viruses.

A manager check-up is a preventive medical examination specifically designed for managers with the primary goal of maintaining performance and health. Potential risks are excluded, and appropriate preventive treatments are carried out at an early stage.

Companies cannot afford to lose their high-performing talent and key people due to medical crises, and it’s essential to minimise such risks with health check-ups that far exceed the typical cursory check-up.

An advantage of manager check-ups is the compact bundling of all necessary examinations in a half-day to keep the time required as short as possible.

There is the additional advantage of all examinations carried out at one location in Concierge Medicine Prague, and the visit concludes with an extensive evaluation and recommendation of lifestyle changes using best-in-class Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine.

Our doctors are trained in Lifestyle Medicine and possess the cutting edge knowledge to develop tailor-made plans that allow managers to stay healthy, active, and live longer.

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Which Examinations Are Carried Out in a Manager Check-Up?

Which Examinations
Are Carried Out in a Manager Check-Up?

Our unique 6-Hour full body Check-Up in Medicine Center of Excellence:

An important focus of the health checkup is the early detection of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and coronary heart diseases; so-called chronic diseases that can be prevented and potentially reversed with tailor-made lifestyle medicine.

Areas of the Manager Check-Up include:

  • Extended examination with a private doctor including health and family history, immunization status, and identification of risk factors
  • Laboratory check-up
  • Body composition measurement
  • Ultrasound examination of the internal organs by a radiologist
  • Vascular ultrasound diagnostics by a cardiologist
  • Extensive Cardiology Check up with cardiologist
  • Ophthalmological examination by an ophthalmologist
  • Dermatological examination by a dermatologist
  • Sleep Apnea screening (at home test)
  • Extensive Closing session with Private Doctors, discussion of Health status and findings as well as tailor-made lifestyle medicine plan and recommendations
  • Follow up session with Lifestyle Coach on a separate day

Manager Check-up

Investment: 49 000 CZK

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Based on Clients feedback we have created a Shorter Version of our Manager Check up. Our “Premium Check-up” is ideal as a follow up or for “Middle Managers”.

Our Premium Check up offers you the peace of mind of an extensive, evidence based Check up where 2 Doctors and a Lifestyle Coach will work as a Team to offer you an extensive Preventative Check up as well as Lifestyle Medicine based Recommendation and Coaching to keep you healthy and add healthy years to your Life!

Areas of the Premium Check-Up include:

  • Before you visit you have the opportunity to fill in an individual health and lifestyle assessment online in the comfort of your home
  • Our Experienced Doctor takes a lot of Time for a thorough History to learn about your Background, any health problems, your Lifestyle and any concerns you may have and conduct an extensive medical check up
  • Extensive Blood and Urine Analysis
  • Heart Risk Marker Lipoprotein a
  • PSA Cancer screening (men)
  • ECG at Rest
  • Extensive Ultrasound Examination of the abdomen
  • Extensive Explanation of All Results and Recommendation on Medication, Lifestyle, Diet and other Follow up Tests required
  • Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Session (on a separate day)

Premium Check-up

Investment: 15 000 CZK

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When Is a Health
Check-up Advisable for Managers and Companies?

Good health is priceless. It is the basis for a high quality of life, and it is in the best interests of the employer to protect their employee’s health.

Companies also have an increased need to maintain the efficiency of their employees to remain competitive, especially for top team members such as managers, partners in law and audit firms, exclusive experts, and other top talent. Further, the offer to carry out manager check-ups can be a decisive factor when recruiting new managers and keeping established managers motivated, healthy, and loyal to the company who ensures their well-being.

When Is a Health Check-up Advisable for Managers and Companies?

Optional Health
Assessments and Programs
Offered by our Health Clinic

Our world-class health plans are tailored around YOU, ensuring that you receive the best care and prevention based on the Protocols of our International Medicine Centers of Excellence

Medical Fitness
Unique Sport Medicine Program

Our unique program features the only Medex Medical Fitness Equipment in Prague. With a minimal investment of just 15 minutes per week, this program promotes the prevention of back pain and the strengthening of key support and stabilising muscles.

“Manager” Medical Fitness Unique Sport Medicine Program
Sleep Lab Investigations

Lab Investigations

We partner with a local hospital to offer convenient Sleep Lab investigation overnight to rule out sleep apnoea, which is often prevalent with managers. Indications for this intervention include sleep without the feeling of rest, daytime or morning tiredness, lack of concentration, and morning headaches. Our private doctors will gladly advise and give further recommendations.

Our Private Health Clinic takes care of Burn Out and Depression Prevention

Managers often suffer from burnout and experience a high prevalence of depression due to stress, pressure, and worries in the workplace. Our private doctors can discuss in confidence how we can help with coaching and therapeutic intervention to prevent and treat depression and burnout.

See what methods we use in Concierge Medicine Prague to relieve stress and combat burnout
Our Private Health Clinic takes care of Burn Out and Depression Prevention

On Our Memberships

Our memberships are designed to offer complete peace of mind during the year including access to private doctors who only look after 650 patients each (instead of up to 2500 patients in traditional medical settings). This allows for guaranteed same and next day appointments, and a focus on prevention and care rather than only treating patients when they are sick.