Prevention &
Lifestyle Medicine Center of Excellence


As one of the First European Center of Excellence, we set the Gold standard for Prevention, Treatment, and Reversal of Chronic Disease. A Multidisciplinary Team of Personal Doctors, Nutritionists, Personal Coaches, and other Health Professionals follow the Evidence-Based Best Practice of ELMO, the European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation, where our Founder is the Ambassador for the Czech Republic. All our Personal Doctors are members of ELMO and are at the forefront of training and personal development in this field.

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Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine Center of Excellence

Standard Care
in Today’s Healthcare Practice

Standard Care in Today’s Healthcare Practice

360° Prevention and Care

As a Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine Center of Excellence, we have redesigned the way we deliver healthcare and prevention. We focus on longevity intending to add many additional years of healthy & quality lifespan to the lives of our clients!

360° Prevention and Care

Our Goal


Is to add additional years of healthy living to the lives of our clients through utilising our principles of Lifestyle Medicine as a ‘best in class’ standard that meets, or exceed, current resources available worldwide.

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We are one of the First
Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine Centers of Excellence in Europe

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

What is
Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is a branch of evidence-based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes (including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social support and environmental exposures) are used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. Lifestyle medicine interventions include health risk assessment screening, health behaviour change counselling, and clinical application of lifestyle modifications.