We congratulate our Medical Director Dr. Jana Yanova

We congratulate our Medical Director Dr. Jana Yanova

Jana Yanová, MD

We congratulate our Medical Director Dr. Jana Yanova for her appointment as country representative of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO). ELMO promotes evidence-based treatment & prevention of chronic disease. At Concierge Medicine Europe, our aim is to keep you healthy so you can live longer! Visit us for a Free Tour and Introduction Visit to find out more!

About Lifestyle Medicine Research, Prevention and Treatment of Noncommunicable Diseases. The leading causes of mortality and healthcare costs worldwide are chronic diseases, resulting from lifestyle and environmental factors. The economic burden of poor lifestyle choices is no longer sustainable and impossible to ignore.

Most chronic diseases are preventable. To treat the causes of these diseases and to be successful in prevention, a strong focus must be placed on lifestyle medicine aspects. Lifestyle Medicine encompasses research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions caused by a non-physiological lifestyle (lifestyle-related diseases, LRDs and morbidogenic environments conducive to promoting such lifestyles.

The ultimate goal and primary focus of Lifestyle Medicine is to promote healthier lives through salutary environments and healthier lifestyle choices. Treatment of LRDs includes nutritional, exercise, psychological, social, economic and environmental interventions. To successfully do this requires education, training and communication about Lifestyle Medicine at the professional and general public